CPG100+ – Our SAP Business Suite on HANA in UAE

What Is CPG100+?

Keeping the needs of Consumer Products Industry in mind Microexcel Technologies LLC has developed a unique and perfect SAP Business suite solution – CPG100+ (Cost Plus Group 100 Plus). This All-in – One Business solution is tailored to meet the business requirements of Consumer Products Industry specifically; Food and Beverage, Durables or Home Appliances, Luxury Goods, Luxury Items, Apparels and Footwear.

Designed over the years by a team of highly qualified and experienced SAP certified IT professionals with a strong background in the Consumer Industry functioning, Microexcel’s Business Suite Solution – CPG100+ that runs on SAP Business Suite on HANA address all the key functions of this Industry segment.


Key Features

  • The Solution is built for SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) customers in the Consumer Product industry. It is an end-to-end integrated solution that addresses key functions from Financials, Sales & Marketing, Inventory, Production, Distribution and Customer service.
  • CPG100+ is built around Consumer Product Best Business practices, but with an eye towards SME customers.
  • CPG100+ is pre-packaged with CP template powered by SAP software, delivered on a right-sized hardware, comprehensive support plan and with a SME pricing scheme.

CP Industry Challenges and Opportunities

The CP companies face numerous business challenges that demand:

  • Continuous effort in developing new products
  • Promotion of ‘right brand’ and ‘right products’ in the market place
  • Looking out for new markets and market segments
  • Visibility of demand and supply of FG and raw materials
  • Balance inventory, manufacturing capacity and resources against lumpy & seasonal demand
  • Better planning of sourcing strategies to manage inventory turns
  • Better management of expiry and ‘sell by’ dates
  • Better planning of fulfilments to avoid ‘stock outs’ or short orders
  • Efficient management of multi-channel sales
  • Planning and running promotions to clear stocks
  • Optimization of distribution costs (freight and DC)
  • Management of returns and recalls (lot tracking)
  • All-round improvement in customer service levels (Wholesaler & retailers)
  • Better usage of Social Media and other modern technologies
  • Better understanding of consumer sentiments and behaviour

Why CPG100+?

  • One Package, One Price, One Partner
  • As the name suggests, is designed to be deployed in less than 100 days.
  • CPG100+ comes bundled with UNICARE® support plan that will greatly minimise your IT overheads.

Inside CPG100+

  • Business Processes running on SAP Business Suite on HANA
  • Top Management dashboard with pre-defined analytics
  • Out of the box portal with a shopping cart, fully integrated
  • 5 most useful FIORI applications delivered out of the box
  • Single and two-dimensional barcode scanning and label printing functions.
  • 3-package options with Standard, Gold and Platinum options
  • Scalability from 50 to 500 users

Packages Offered:

CPG100+ is offered in three (3) packages based on the size of the organisation and the business complexities that come with growth. They are STANDARD, GOLD & PLATINUM.

How CPG100+ makes you achieve your Goals?

  • Provide a robust, scalable and an integrated business solution and technology platform
  • Provide a clear ROI statement that details the opportunities and how to achieve them
  • Improve Customer Service levels (B2B/B2C)
  • Accurately forecast demand and supply (seasonality & trend)
  • Improve inventory turns
  • Better manage ‘Sell by’ dates and perishables
  • Prevent Stock-outs (Replenishment)
  • Improve visibility of materials (flow)
  • Visibility of profitable products & customers

Additional Benefits of CPG100+

There is more to CPG100+ than just cost benefit.

  • Saves time – achieve predicted results
  • Less risks – avoid common beginners‘ mistakes
  • Empowerment – through competititive business expertise
  • Fast track – to extending your business solution with new CPG100+ business process
  • No trial runs – start straight off with a fully documented prototype that is fully reusable
  • Failure is not an option! – it works – what you see is what you get for implementation
  • Quality – focus on standard integrated end-to-end business processes

To learn more about how you can benefit from our SAP solution and services, please send us an email to sales@microexcel.ae

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