Quality Assurance Testing Services

Microexcel Technologies have a full array of testing services to ensure everything is working as designed. Our mature and proven quality assurance methodologies have helped many fortune 500 companies achieve their business goals.

We are a true global organization offering full array of testing services to ensure quality of your application delivery through flexible and cost effective onsite and offsite models.

Spanning full length (functional testing, performance testing, security testing, usability testing, data/back-end testing, migration testing) and breadth (integration/sub-system, interface, system, regression and user acceptance testing) of testing and leveraging manual as well as automated approaches, our test delivery service is one of the most complete offerings in the industry.

General Testing

Microexcel has expertise in Test strategy & planning, Management of Test Requirements, Test Designing, Test Execution and Defect Management. Specialization in design, implementation and maintenance of cost effective custom solutions for all your software testing needs.

Agile Testing

Need your testing processes re-engineered to be agile or to align with your organization’s goal. Microexcel can evaluate and provide solutions and a smooth a transition plan to make your resources embrace the change with least resistance. We also conduct 360° assessment of your testing practice and make recommendations for closing the gaps. If you would like to go that extra mile, choose our very unique comprehensive test process improvement services which cover assessment, recommendation and implementation of improvements.

Experts in traditional waterfall as well as the agile methodologies of system development and tailor and align your testing practices with those methodologies.

Software Test Automation

Not sure if your organization is ready for test automation? Engage us to conduct assessment of your existing product development and testing cycle. Afraid to spend serious money on automation without some proof of success! No problem we will conduct automation feasibility study and proof of concept. Want to know the magnitude of what you are getting into? We will create estimates using our proven estimation methodologies. Still debating whether to go for automation! Ask for our automation CBA service and see the ROI for yourself.

traditional automation approach

Automation is one of our strongest and high demand areas. We offer performance test automation, Functional and regression test automation. Ask for our signature automation solutions – Modular Framework, Keyword/Action Word Driven Automation Framework, Functional Decomposition Framework, Data Driven Framework and Hybrid Framework. Microexcel also has expertise in traditional approach to test automation using both commercial as well as open source tools.

Contact us for any of the following automation services

  • Automation Assessment
  • CBA and ROI
  • Automation Frameworks
  • Standards and Best Practices
  • Automation Tips and Tricks
  • Automation Code Accelerators
  • Maintenance Strategy
  • Estimation Models
  • Documentation Standards
  • Training
  • Execute

automation framework

Mobile Testing

Eliminate mobile code defects and accelerate development. Microexcel has vast experience in mobile application testing. Through our expertise, we assure that our clients mobile applications (both native as well as mobile web applications) are user friendly, working as designed and perform well under varying load conditions. We conduct manual as well as automated testing on mobile applications.

Testing Tools

We conduct tool evaluation, proof of concept and make recommendations for tool selection. Provide services for installation, configuration and customization of test automation and test management tools from HP, IBM, Microsoft, Micro Focus and other major vendors.

mobile testing

Not sure about buying the tools, lease them with our help. Have too many tools from too many vendors customized and implemented in many ways, we will help you rationalize your tools space, standardize implementation and optimize your investment.

Our expertise spans across many commercial automation tools from leading vendors in the industry – HP, QTP, Micro Focus, Test Partner and Silk, Smart Bear’s Test Complete and IBM’s RFT. We are also specialized in implementing open automation tools such Selenium for successful test automation.

testing tools

Test Process Consulting Services

To ensure transparency and reliability of the IT systems it is necessary to audit the Software Development Processes including the most important aspect Software Testing Process. Auditing is an important activity in organizations. In the context of testing it helps ensure that the Testing processes are followed as defined. Our Test Auditing service will perform a comprehensive analysis and provide you with the findings to assist in improving the process and realize a better ROI. We also offer comprehensive end to end testing practice improvement service which aims to find gaps in your testing processes and practices and close them effectively and efficiently.

test process consulting services

Test Metrics

Don’t have metrics that make sense!!! Unable make decisions based on facts! We have done all the homework for you and have an all-inclusive test metrics solution covering all phases of development as well as testing lifecycle.

defect distribution


Looking for help during your peak Load demand, with our on-demand staffing you will be able to ramp up the resources during those peaks of project management and ramp down as demand slows down. Microexcel has resource pool of talented resources with wide range of skills and experiences at optimum rates.


Microexcel specializes in providing training on a wide range of testing tools, technologies and testing processes. We specialize in customizing training for specific needs of our clients.

To learn more about how you can benefit from our QA solution and services, please send us an email to sales@microexcel.ae

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