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Today’s Customer is hyper active. Due to this retailers and brand manufacturers have to continuously adopt to IT Modernization to outperform competition. Demandware has become the platform of choice for well-known e commerce leaders to achieve mission success. The biggest advantage adopting Demandware is, since it’s a cloud based platform, can scale up and down in line with seasonal and marketing fluctuations and frees your IT department to concentrate on driving strategic initiatives and innovation.

Advantage Demandware:

  • Can seamlessly integrate without disrupting your day-to-day retail operations
  • No need of servers, security experts, security equipment and data centers.
  • Choice to connect with the third-party technologies
  • Become part of a large, vibrant and interconnected community that is a source of fresh ideas, insights and inspiration
  • Benefit from the valuable intelligence harnessed from Demandware platform
  • Get offer insights based on data and results pulled from across Demandware entire user set.
  • Usage-based model that does not require the retailer to own and operate the IT infrastructure.

Microexcel has a global team of Demandware certified and highly experienced professionals who can help Demandware merchants to market expansion, unlock the power of digital commerce operations, engage customers with new experiences and provide access to sophisticated e-commerce technologies.

UI Development Expertise:

The success of online store depends on how best the customer can easily navigate to find the product to purchase or gain information. If the customer does, he or she is more likely to visit again and recommend to others. Optimized UI is the key to ecommerce success. Our creative team and UI development experts understand e-commerce and Demandware UI concepts well and can design, develop and provide engaging and innovative visual experience to users that is responsive and friendly.

Our Digital Delivery & Transformation Service Offerings for Demandware:

  • Implementation
  • Optimization
  • Customizable Designs
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Production Support and Enhancements to existing sites
  • Out-of-box system engineering solutions that can easily integrate with 3rd party tools/software and market places
  • 24*7 Technical & Monitoring Support

To learn more about how you can benefit from our demandware services, please send us an email to

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